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Do You Wear Contact Lenses?

Are you searching for contact lenses? Has a thorough eye examination determined you need a contact lens fitting service? Do you need contact lenses for vision correction solutions? If so, you are in the right place! Here at Goldsmith & Harvey based in Bristol, we offer a range of contact lenses to suit all budgets, including monthly payment options; we should be your first choice!


Our fully qualified opticians are more than happy to help.  There’s a wide range of lenses, from multi-focal to everyday options. We’re always here to provide advice and guidance.


This helps you make a choice that benefits your eyes and your lifestyle. We aim to help you achieve a clear vision, whether this is through daily disposables or reusable contact lens solutions right here in Bristol. 

A Range Of Contact Lenses Available For All

Regardless of the type of contact lenses you require, we will have the right option for you; with contact lens options such as Toric lenses, colour-changing lenses and varifocal lenses, with the right fitting services, you will leave happy and satisfied. Having supported residents of Bristol for several years, we are the company to choose. 


Choose from the best brands at Goldsmith & Harvey Opticians. Our lenses are available in daily, monthly, bi-monthly, and annual options. If you find that regular contact lenses hurt your eyes at the contact lens fitting, we can offer you gas-permeable options, all of which come from major brands.


Choose whichever suits your needs! The following brands are available:  Johnson & Johnson, Alcon (Ciba Vision), Cooper Vision and Bauch and Lomb. You might have always worn glasses, but have you tried contacts?


Did you know you can get them on prescriptions? Speak to our team today to find out more!

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Why Choose Contact Lenses Over Glasses?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses:


Cosmetics: Some people prefer the appearance of not wearing glasses and find that contact lenses are more visually appealing.

Peripheral vision: Contact lenses do not obstruct your peripheral vision as glasses can.

Physical activity: Contact lenses are more comfortable for people who participate in sports or other physical activities, as they do not fog up or get knocked out of place as glasses can.

Convenience: Contact lenses do not need to be cleaned or repaired as glasses do; they do not need to be removed when going to bed.

Correcting certain visual conditions: Some visual conditions may not be correctable with glasses but can be corrected with contact lenses.

It's important to note that contact lenses are only suitable for some and must be properly fitted and maintained.


One should talk to an eye doctor and check which option is better for them.

Speak To Goldsmith & Harvey For Contact Lens Trials In Bristol

Our trial system is perfect for newcomers to contact lenses, as we discuss the pros and cons with you first before you decide.


Once you’re happy to go ahead, you’ll pay a small fee, and the trial period will begin. Our fully trained team provide advice to first-time wearers as we explain how they work, how to care for them, and how to place them into the eye carefully.


It should be noted that contact lenses are more difficult for some, which is why the trial period is so important! 


Contact lenses have greatly improved over the last ten years. We recommend daily disposable lenses for ease of use, comfort, and eye health.


Contact lens aftercare is vitally important, and annual checks are essential to confirm the health of your eyes.


Speak to our team today or make an appointment, we can offer you glasses, sunglasses and so much more. Get in touch today!

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