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  • lady trying new glasses
    13/11/2023 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    Are Eye Problems Related To Stress?

    In our increasingly hectic world, stress is a common experience for many, affecting various aspects of health and wellbeing. While it's widely known that stress can impact mental health and contribute to physical conditions like headaches and heart problems, its effect on eye health is often less discussed. This blog post aims to shed light on the intricate relationship between stress and eye health. We will explore how psychological stress can manifest physically in our eyes, emphasising the importance of acknowledging and managing stress to maintain not just mental and emotional wellness, but also visual health.

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  • Optician conducting eye test
    13/11/2023 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    10 Great Reasons to Visit Your Local Optician

    In our ever-busy lives where health often takes a backseat, it's crucial to remember the significant role our eyes play in our overall well-being. Regular visits to your local optician aren't just about updating eyewear; they are essential for maintaining good eye health and, by extension, good general health. Eye examinations can reveal hidden health issues, ensure you have the correct prescription, and provide vital information about protecting your eyes. Let's delve into ten comprehensive reasons that highlight why making that appointment with your optician should be on your priority list.

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  • man receiving eye examination
    12/10/2023 - Goldsmith and Harvey
    How Often Should You Visit Your Optician?

    Navigating through the intrinsic world of eye health often propels us towards an imperative question: how frequently should one schedule visits to the optician? The answer is neither stagnant nor universally applicable, considering the varied factors that impact our visual health. In this detailed exploration, we will unravel the varied dimensions that influence the recommended frequency of optician visits, ultimately aiming to shed light on crafting a balanced and health-conscious approach to maintaining optimal eye health.

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  • lady having an eye test
    12/10/2023 - Goldsmith and Harvey
    What is the Procedure of an Eye Test?

    Embarking on a journey through the systematic and detailed procedure of an eye test is not only enlightening but also crucial for alleviating potential concerns and fears about the process. The importance of understanding each stage of the eye examination ensures that individuals can fully engage and participate in the process, thereby facilitating a smooth and constructive experience. This blog post delves into the meticulous steps of an eye test, highlighting its intrinsic value and elucidating its comprehensive nature.

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  • 23/03/2023 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    Opticians Bristol: Choosing The Right Eye Care Professional

    There are a plethora of choices available to you in Bristol if you are looking for high-quality eye care and services to maintain or improve your visual health. But picking the right optician can be challenging, mainly if you are unfamiliar with the various kinds of services and treatments on offer. 

    This article, written by our team here at Goldsmith & Harvey, will provide a detailed introduction to opticians in Bristol, our services, and the steps you should take to select the best optician for your particular eye care requirements.

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  • 22/02/2023 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    Why Everyone Should Have Their Hearing Tested

    Read our latest article to find out why you should always have your hearing tested! 

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  • 22/02/2023 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    Is Blue Light Bad For Your Eyes?

    Read our latest article to learn how blue light affects your eyesight. 

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  • Contact Lense
    25/01/2023 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    Looking For Glasses? Why Is It Best To Involve A Professional

    Read our latest article to find out why we recommend using a professional when searching for glasses. 

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  • Glasses
    28/11/2022 - Goldsmith & Harvey
    Reasons To See An Optometrist

    Read our latest article on why you need to see a professional optometrist! 

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