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From contact lenses to spectacles, your eyes are the window to the world. That’s why finding a quality optician in Bristol is so important - they help you stay safe, feel comfortable, and see clearly, whether during your daily commute or at an outdoor event.


So, if you need an eye test, be sure to pick up the phone and make an appointment with our team here at Goldsmith & Harvey; we can offer you a comprehensive eye examination that is second to none in Bristol!


A good optician will ensure you have high-quality eyewear with perfect vision tailor-made for you, meaning you can live life to its fullest without worrying about blurry vision hindering your experiences; that is exactly what we can offer you here at Goldsmith & Harvey; great service, designer frames and eye tests at times to suit you!


With that in mind, get in touch today; we can provide you with a range of glasses to choose from! From new glasses to a free eye test, we are the expert team in Bristol to choose from; our personal service is second to none.


We can provide you with a complete pair of glasses to help your eyes as quickly as possible; choose Goldsmith & Harvey for our friendly service today!

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Clearing Your Vision

Eyesight plays a huge part in everyday life, so you must care for yourself. Our team place your needs first, providing a standout eye care service that doesn’t break the bank. We can find the proper vision care for you with comprehensive eye examination services. Get in touch for appointments with our registered optometrists.

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Suitable Spectacles

The right pair of glasses make all the difference! Our professional team provides a wide range of designer and prescription glasses, and a stylish selection of sunglasses, including polarised ones, is also available. Make an appointment online today to find the spectacles for you. We supply high-quality glasses only, including frames.

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Try Our Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular as technology has increased its usability and usefulness. We provide trial services to ensure that they suit your needs. Finding the right contact lens can make all the difference to your vision! Contact lenses give you a lease of life without glasses; get in touch to learn more!

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Independent Opticians Bristol


As an independent optician, we have the freedom and flexibility to bring high quality products and services tailored towards each individual's needs.


This means we can tailor our services towards you without compromising any quality, this is not possible in larger chains you can visit, they are restricted by company policies and franchise rules, here at Goldsmith & Harvey, we are proud to be independent! 


From providing top-of-the-line frames, lenses and contact lenses, to offering personalised fittings and styling tips, being an independent optician gives us a great opportunity to make a real difference in your lives. 


Optometrist Services Bristol


We proudly partner with Holistic Hearing Excellence to provide hearing and ear care. Contact Anthony for hearing tests, hearing aids, ear wax removal and free impartial advice.

We are proud to bring both eye and hearing tests to our clients in Bristol; our aim has always been to provide you with an excellent service that will help you with your optical and hearing needs.

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About Our Team Here At Goldsmith & Harvey 

Leave your ocular health to our trusted team! We have more than 35 years of experience. As a community optician in Longwell Green, Bristol, we provide NHS services, private work and contact lenses for clients throughout the local area.


Whether you need a routine eye test or further treatment, our team can work with you to find the treatment you need in Bristol. When it comes to finding a company that can provide you with an eye test designed for you and your eyes, it might seem daunting, but here at Goldsmith & Harvey, we can help you!


 We also stock a variety of designer glasses and sunglasses. You’re free to come and try a pair on, as our fully qualified Dispensing Opticians ensure that your needs are addressed. Your eye care is our concern.


Whether you have something specific in mind for your frame or are looking for blue light filter glasses, our team can find the most suitable eyewear. 


We have solutions for a range of conditions, including dry eyes. Our range of healthcare products is there to enhance your eye health. 


Our personal, one-to-one service ensures that you discover suitable options. Our fully qualified team are always happy to lend a helping hand.

Free Parking!

As we’re based inside an Asda store, our business has access to free parking, with plenty of disabled parking for badge holders. Please follow any social distancing signs advertised in-store.

Frequently  Asked Questions 


Q: Where can I find reputable opticians in Bristol for a comprehensive eye test?


A: For a detailed and thorough eye examination in the Bristol area, consider visiting Goldsmith and Harvey Opticians. Known for their exceptional customer service and a wide range of eye care services, Goldsmith and Harvey stand out as prominent opticians in Bristol, ensuring that your eye health is in capable and experienced hands.


Q: I'm considering upgrading my eyeglasses and need expert advice; which opticians in Bristol should I consult?


A: Goldsmith and Harvey Opticians in Bristol are renowned for providing insightful and professional advice when it comes to choosing the perfect eyeglasses. With a wide assortment of frames and lenses, along with their expertise, you'll certainly find an ideal match for your visual needs and aesthetic preferences at their Bristol location.


Q: Are there opticians in Bristol that provide specialised eye tests for children?


A: Absolutely, Goldsmith and Harvey Opticians in Bristol offer specialized eye tests for children, ensuring that their visual development is monitored and supported. Understanding the importance of eye health in a child’s developmental journey, they provide a welcoming and child-friendly environment, making the experience pleasant and non-intimidating for your little ones in Bristol.


Q: I'm looking for opticians in Bristol that offer a diverse range of contact lenses. Can you recommend a place?


A: Certainly, Goldsmith and Harvey Opticians, situated in Bristol, boast a diverse range of contact lenses, catering to various preferences and requirements. Whether you need daily, bi-weekly, or monthly lenses, or wish to explore colored contact lens options, their Bristol practice provides a multitude of choices along with expert guidance to help you make an informed decision.


Q: Is it possible to book an eye test online with opticians in Bristol?


A: Yes, you can conveniently book an eye test online with Goldsmith and Harvey Opticians in Bristol. Their user-friendly website and online booking system provide an easy and efficient way to schedule your appointment at their Bristol practice, ensuring that prioritising your eye health is just a click away.


Q: Who are the best opticians to go to?


A: In Bristol, Goldsmith & Harvey is renowned for its exceptional service and expertise in eye care. Their personalised approach, combined with the latest in eye care technology, makes them a top choice for anyone seeking quality vision care. Their team of experienced opticians ensures that each client receives individualised attention, making them one of the best in the region.


Q: Can opticians prescribe antibiotic eye drops?


A: Opticians like those at Goldsmith & Harvey are equipped to assess your eye health and, if necessary, refer you to a medical professional who can prescribe antibiotic eye drops. Their thorough eye exams ensure any concerns are promptly addressed.


Q: How much is an optician appointment in the UK?


A: The cost of an optician appointment in the UK can vary. At Goldsmith & Harvey, they offer transparent pricing and often have special offers for new and existing customers. They aim to provide value for money, combining expert care with affordability.


Q: Do over 60s get free glasses?


A: In the UK, individuals over 60 are entitled to free NHS eye tests. Goldsmith & Harvey goes a step further by offering discounts on glasses for over 60s, demonstrating their commitment to making eye care accessible to older members of the community.


Q: Are independent opticians better than Specsavers?


A: Independent opticians like Goldsmith & Harvey offer a more personalised service compared to big chains. Their focus on individual care, bespoke solutions, and a wide range of unique eyewear collections sets them apart, making them a preferred choice for those seeking a tailored eye care experience.